New Height Adjustment Mechanism from Scot Seats

Scot Seats focus on developing products that help protect passengers against shock damage on boats so that they are not only comfortable but also safe on a vessel.

Following a programme of design and development, Scot Seat launched their new One Touch Height Adjustment Mechanism at the Seawork 2018 exhibition.

The new Height Adjustment Mechanism ensures passenger bio-mechanics are correctly positioned. The easy to use one-touch button lets users adjust the seat height as they sit down and again as they stand up.  This means that whatever the height of the passengers they can ensure that their posture and leg position is correct when seated and they are well positioned not to cause harm or injury. It is particularly useful when you have many different people using a vessel, so each time it can be set

The mechanism can be fitted across all the shock mitigation seating across the Scot Seat range of marine seats from the S2J Jockey Seats through to the S2H Helmsman Seats. 

Jonathan Young, Scot Seat- KPM Marine Managing Director commented “This is ideal for vessels that regularly have a variety of passengers.  The adjustment mechanism means that whatever the user's height, the seat can quickly be made for optimum comfort as well as ultimately, ensuring the user is safe gaining the most from the shock absorption qualities of the seat.”

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