Scot Seat and Harken 27mm rail system

Last year Scot Seat KPM Marine teamed up with Harken Industrial to provide their marine seats with a track system designed specifically for the marine environment, giving boats flexible cockpit layout with fast, hassle-free reconfiguration.

Harken have now produced a 27mm RIB seat rail system, that has been tested to over 25kN, thus meeting HSC regulations. The new strong rail system has minimum intrusion in the cockpit sole and the rail is black hard coat-anodised providing maximum corrosion resistance. With no metal to metal contact this means no lubrication required, delivering low friction and smooth movement.

The rail system has proved popular as it works with all the range of Scot Seat shock mitigation seating, and is particularly suited to their popular S2J Jockey seats. The sliding rail allows the seats to be adjusted fore/aft very quickly. With locking positions every 33mm for the 22mm system and every 100mm for the 27mm system, the seats can be adjusted quickly to suit different locations of helmsman or seating positions, or to give more deck space when required. The system works so that the seats are mounted onto four trolleys that run on parallel rails. Two of the trolleys have pin-stops that lock into the holes in the rail, to adjust the trolley location simply raise the two pinstops and slide to a new location.

Seats fitted to the Harken rail system will be displayed on the Scot Seat stand, 03.341, at the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) 14-16 November 2017.

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