Scot Seat and SCISYS

Customer SCISYS was demonstrating the versatility of Scot Seat on their stand at Seawork International this week.  They have adapted a Scot Seat S2H Shock Mitigation Helm seat model with mounted controllers on the armrests to demonstrate the ease of use particularly for installation in smaller vessels.

The SCISYS Group is a leading developer of integrated platform management and navigation systems and this is the first time they have integrated the controls into this seat.  The armrests, which have height and reach adjustment to allow them to be adjusted to suit any occupant, have been adapted to easily move upwards out of the way allowing easy access to the seat, particularly if the space required is limited. The mounted controls on the armrest allow the occupant to be in the most comfortable position in a variety of sea conditions, whilst using the controls to operate the console in front of them.

The S2H seats are ergonomically designed for optimum body posture from 5th to 95th percentile body, giving support and making this the ultimate shock mitigation seat for helms, co-pilots or crew where comfort and protection are needed most.

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