Scot Seat introduce SKYDEX impact mitigating technology to their seat range

Scot Seat KPM Marine has designed and manufactured a range of specialist seating for boats since 2000, including their shock mitigation range, and the seats have become widely regarded as market leaders.  Scot Seat continually look for new materials to use as part of their extensive R&D programme.

SKYDEX is a leading provider of engineered impact mitigation and cushioning solutions including shock mitigating decking for high speed military boats and the go-to solution for blast attenuation in over 23,000 military vehicles.

Combining SKYDEX seat cushion inserts in the Scot Seat’s range of marine and military vehicle seating range further improves the comfort and safety that Scot Seat has become known for.

Unlike foam seat cushions that compress under user weight, SKYDEX Cushion Inserts do not load significantly until impact, maximising shock absorption effectiveness.

The SKYDEX Cushion Inserts offer up an improvement of 17% peak acceleration and a 9% improvement in VDV as well as  improved comfort on fixed seats using standard PU foam.  This solution offers a practical option for seats on passenger ferries, windfarm boats and supply vessels.

SKYDEX shock mitigation technology reduces impact and whole body vibration from repeated shock events, helping address the requirements of the EU Vibration Directive 2002/44/EC.

Scot Seat Managing Director, Jonathan Young commented, “We are always pushing the boundaries in design and technology for our seats in both marine and commercial markets. Our seats are always designed to the highest safety specifications, but it is important to also ensure that they are as comfortable as possible for the users. For us SKYDEX will provide both.”

SKYDEX President and CEO, Jim Taylor commented, “Our partnership with Scot Seat represents the commitment both our companies have to produce products that protect users. Through the complete development process of our Cushion Inserts, the engineering teams at SKYDEX and Scot Seat were able to explore the next level in impact mitigation and cushioning capabilities.”

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