Scot Seat opens in-house Powder Coating Plant

As part of their expansion with a new factory on site, Scot Seat has invested in a powder coating system so that they can carry out the procedure in house.

Working with RFS Finishing Systems, Scot Seat has installed a spray booth and box oven in part of their new factory which means that all their seat frames and metalwork are now powder coated instead of wet painted.  Prior to the installation of this system, it was only some of the products that underwent the procedure, but bringing it in-house means that all the products can now have this treatment.

Jonathan Young, Scot Seat Managing Director commented, “it is really great bringing this in house.  We have better control of the product and it helps our carbon footprint as we don’t have to drive parts out to a third party to get the powder coating done.”

Scot Sea has trained some of their existing employees in the use of the new equipment and they have been pleased with the results which has resulted in quicker production times and greater control of quality. They will be able to provide powder coating to customers for other projects in the future.

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